PUBLIC TOILETS are just before City Road car-park and near the bridge in the town centre. They will be used by large numbers of people during the weekend, and though they will be checked and cleaned regularly, please help others by leaving them as you found them and letting us know if they need attention. 


FIRST AID - Members of St John’s Ambulance will be present throughout the weekend. In the event of need for first aid, make your own way to the First Aid Point or contact a steward (in a yellow jacket) who will summon first-aid assistance.


LOST CHILDREN – Please keep your child/ren with you. Lost children should be reported to the steward team. Any young child found wandering will be taken to the Control/Information Caravan. 


LOST PROPERTY - If you should lose or find any articles during the event, go to the Control /Information Caravan or see a steward. Property not returned during the weekend will be itemised on our facebook page on Monday morning and taken to the Town Hall on Tuesday.


LITTER - it takes a lot of time to clear the site of all the litter left. Please take your litter home with you or put it in the bins around the site. 


GLASS – we discourage the use and sale of glass items on the site, but if you do have glass bottles please dispose of them carefully. Also be aware that whilst the park is kept tidy, small fragments of glass could still be hidden in the grass and avoid walking bare-foot.  


FIRES AND BARBEQUES – are not permitted on West End Park - They cause a nuisance to other park users. 


PARKING - There is no parking on West End Park, please use City Road and other town car parks. 


DEHYDRATION & DRINK - If the weather is hot, make sure you don’t become dehydrated. Drink plenty of water or soft drinks. A tap is available on site if you need to get water. Remember alcohol has a dehydrating affect and whilst drinking is allowed in the public space that is the park during the hours of the Festival, it is not at other times, or at any time in public around the town. Also IF YOU DRINK ALCOHOL, DON'T DRIVE home. There will be large police presence each evening. Take a taxi or walk home instead. 


DRUGS, HARD OR SOFT, are no more legal at the Festival than they are anywhere else -  the same penalties and risks apply. 


LEAVING THE SITE – Music will finish by 10.00pm each evening. Please leave the park quickly and quietly (unless you are staying behind to help us clear up). 

Remember - Respect other people, Stay Safe and have fun - help us make the Festival safe and happy for everyone.